Our Hybrid Philosophy…the blending of marketing methods.

We see the marketing landscape as being a blend of two distinct areas, each with their own unique benefits and ways of reaching your target market. That’s what Hybrid Marketing Consultants & Services is all about.  We’ll collaborate with you to develop the fresh ideas that you need and then we put them into action. We have built our business concept around our name.  Hybrid Marketing Consultants & Services has the ability to serve many purposes and wear multiple hats blending the internet, social media and traditional media into a customized marketing plan.

Many businesses think that marketing strategies require making a decision between traditional/offline and the internet/online communication methods. The two can actually complement each other, and when brought together allow companies to reach wider audiences.  With Hybrid Marketing, our consultant/coach, Donna Bell can help you develop your customized marketing strategy for your products & services.  She can create more time  FOR YOU and SAVE YOU frustration meeting media representatives and deciphering which products give you the best exposure for your money.

Offline-Traditional Marketing: This may include TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, newsletters, direct mail advertising, PR and other marketing tools. Communication is one sided, with the brand/company sending campaign messages, and consumers having little to no ability to interact.

Online-Internet & Social Media:  This may include Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, You-Tube, email marketing, banners & mobile marketing.  The internet and social space is measured by engagement, creating connections with online audiences through two-way conversation. Communication is two-way and consumers have the opportunity to actively interact with the brand/company, giving them a voice in everything from marketing and service to product development.


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